Thriving Communities, Thriving Business
Thriving Communities, Thriving Business
Castle Fields, Barton Seagrave, Northamptonshire
Thriving Communities, Thriving Business

At Redrow, we don’t just build homes; we build thriving communities. We create attractive, desirable places that enhance everyday life, promote health and wellbeing and bring everyone together as a family, as a neighbourhood and as a community. We do this because we know this is how our customers want to live. They want more than just a house; they want a lifestyle. They want a place that feels like home.

Community building

There is so much more to choosing a new home than counting the bedrooms. That’s why, at Redrow, we consider the whole experience of living on our developments. From the morning commute to an evening walk, from local shops to convenient surgeries, we plan for life, not just for living space. We bring focus to our communities with sport facilities, multi-use centres and family friendly pubs and cafés, and we open up our developments with woodland, meadows and other open spaces to explore.

Sustainable spaces

We know that we are not just building for today, so we make sure that all of our developments are sustainable for the future too. We often build close to highly rated schools, or even build our own schools on site, so you can leave the car behind on the school run. We prioritise walkways and cycle routes throughout our developments, and we ensure these are fully integrated with the local infrastructure, to make it easier for residents to make sustainable choices.

The Redrow 8

To ensure our placemaking philosophy is applied across the business, we have distilled it into the Redrow 8 – a set of principles that sets out the key ways in which Redrow goes about creating ‘a better way to live’.

The Redrow 8 principles are focused on creating places that offer social and environmental benefits, both for new residents and the wider community they will become a part of. These principles contribute towards improved health and happiness, greater place attachment, the protection and enhancement of the natural environment and many other benefits.

Connecting with our customers and local communities to design developments that are sensitive and responsive.

Considering each site and its wider context to help us stitch new developments into their locality.

Improving connections between developments and the existing community, encouraging people to walk and cycle and lead healthier lives.

Creating locally tailored, interconnected community infrastructure to generate opportunities for social interaction.

Creating new or enhancing existing wildlife habitats and better connecting people to them through thoughtful design of public spaces.

Recognising the street as an essential part of creating safe, attractive and friendly places to live, where neighbours can meet each other.

Delivering sustainable and socially cohesive communities that are formed by a diverse mix of housing types and tenures.

Creating inviting, memorable entrances and building beautiful, distinctive homes to deliver some of the best streets in the country.

Garden Villages

We aim to apply the principles of the Redrow 8 to all of our developments, large and small, but they are at their very best in our Garden Villages. Redrow was a pioneer of the modern Garden Village in the early 1990s, with our first village at Kingsmead. Since then we have expanded the concept nationwide, with seven superb developments from Lancashire to Kent, the Wirral to Wales.

Each of these bespoke projects is a self-contained community in its own right, providing shops, schools and open spaces, to reduce our dependence on the car. They create an environment where people from all walks of life can live and thrive together, socially and sustainably, getting the very most out of every day. 

Ebbsfleet Garden Village, Kent

Ebbsfleet, in Kent, is a classic example of how our Garden Village concept reflects the principles of the Redrow 8.

This 100 acre site has provided 920 homes within an attractive setting, which is linked by footpaths, cycleways and tree-lined avenues. At the centre lies a picturesque village green and the vibrant village hub, which will form the heart of the community, while a third of the site has been left for open space, including sports fields, orchards and allotments. The village also boasts a community centre, a primary school, shops and a new hotel and a pub, all within walking distance, along with a new bus route that runs right through the development, linking residents to the wider area.

Delivering Shareholder Value

Not only do our carefully considered communities deliver a better way to live for our customers, they also deliver better value for our shareholders.

By creating such highly desirable and aspirational homes, we build our reputation as a home builder, generating word of mouth recommendations that are far more powerful and memorable than any advertising campaign. By creating premium homes in well planned locations, we can also command a premium price, generating higher revenues across the business and higher returns to our shareholders. What’s more, with several large scale, long-term projects, such as Plasdwr, Cardiff's first Garden City, still in their infancy, these revenues and returns will be sustainable for many years to come.

Garden Cities

While the placemaking philosophy of the Redrow 8 is essential to the success of all our developments, it is more important than ever in the urban environment, where space is at a premium and the pace of life moves that much faster. Here, in our Garden Cities, these guiding principles can make a significant difference to the quality of life, helping our residents to find a better work/life balance and creating a real community within easy reach of the city.

Colindale Gardens, North London

Colindale Gardens

Colindale Gardens, in North West London, is much more than just a place to live; it is a place for living. An easy, half hour commute gives young professionals and their families much more time for the important things in life, and we’ve designed a home where they can make the most of it.

Colindale Gardens delivers 2,900 new homes set in over 9 acres of landscaped grounds, with each apartment or townhouse finished to the very highest specification, including outdoor space, such as a terrace or balcony, as part of the design.

A self-contained community

The Garden City concept creates more than just superb quality homes; it creates a real community too.  A place to enjoy,  a place to belong, a place to share.

Colindale Gardens will include a 4 acre park for residents to enjoy and there are plans for a selection of cafés, restaurants and retail facilities, creating a local focal point to share with friends and neighbours. 

There will also be an exclusive residents only gym on site, plus a concierge service to welcome you home and help with those little details that smooth your way through life.

Redrow is re-inventing the way we build in urban areas, blending the space of the suburbs, with the convenience of city life, to create a better way to live in the capital.

Building Our Future Business

At Redrow, we are as committed to building a sustainable business, as we are to building sustainable homes. We are constantly on the lookout for the very best talent within our organisation. Whether it be our recent apprentices, graduates or members of our existing workforce, we work hard to nurture and develop that talent, to make sure each member of staff achieves their full potential to help us create the communities, profits and shareholder value of the future.


Award Winning Apprentice, Jennifer Prosser
Community Engagement

At Redrow, ‘Listen to learn’ is our first and perhaps most important placemaking principle. By listening and engaging with local communities and other stakeholders at an early stage, local views can help to shape our vision and design proposals.

Communities Report 2018

Responding to the needs and aspirations of the local community and other stakeholders is an important element in creating a successful place. An example of this approach can be seen at Ebbsfleet Green, where we, in collaboration with Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, are engaging with the local community in the design and potential uses of a combined community centre and sports facility. At a national level, as part of an iterative cycle of development and improvement, we listen to the feedback of our customers and respond to what they want from their homes, streets and neighbourhoods.  As a further example of community engagement, we are looking to build 220 new homes on former industrial land, that has been vacant for a number of years,  in the South Cambridgeshire village of Barrington. We have worked very closely with local people and other key community stakeholders to develop proposals that are not only sensitive to the surrounding village but also open up the site to existing residents through an interconnecting network of pedestrian and cycle routes.”